How OrganizeOK works

1.   Starting to use OrganizeOK

Title page contains sample calendar for user events, short description About OrganizeOK and sample tab of creating new event. Only users having accounts and signed in are able to create new events, to edit or copy events, to see their events in the calendar or search events, can manage their profiles and contacts.

It's possible Sign up for an account with your email or using existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts. After sign up using your email users have to check their inbox for confirmation email and click on the link “Confirm your email” before continuing.

Users having accounts can sign in also using their email or existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts. If you forgot your password just click corresponding link when signing in, enter your email you signed up for an account and new password would be sent by email. Password could be changed after sign in Profile section.


2.   Create new event (for signed in users only)


Select “New event” tab or click desired date on calendar.

In New event tab:

2.1 Enter event main information – write event title and description. It’s possible to add some files here.

Enter time of event - Pick from and to dates and times. Select event time zone. You can choose repeating events here – select “Repeating events” check box, choose repeating frequency.  Repeating until should be selected either entering how many times event should be repeated or the end of repeating date selected.

Place of event – enter place title or anything to identify the place (for example “My home”) in “Title, address” line. Enter key words for Google maps to “Search in map” line and press “Map” button to find the place in Google maps. Pointer can be adjusted manually in the map of pop up window. Just press close in pop up window when finished and pointer position will be saved for this event.


2.2 In the “Participants” section one by one enter email of event participant and press “Add” button. Then enter another participant and so on. Press “Add from contacts” button to select multiple participants from contacts pop up window.

You can check participants in “Admin” column to grant them the right to edit this event later. Event admins can edit event information, invite other participants, change participation status for other participants or manage messages to participants.

It’s possible to select participation status in “Status” column if you know in advance who is going to participate (for example yourself).

2.3 Email messages to participants are managed in “Messages” section.


There can be preset up to 3 messages at a time for event. Tabs  are for navigation among these three different messages.

Button should be clicked for all event information to be included into messages text. Messages would be empty or contain only information you enter manually if this button isn’t clicked. Event is saved and all information appears in message boxes below after clicking this button. If some event information were changed later, please click this button again to reload actual event information to the messages.

Check box “Add participants list” is for including actual participants’ lists sorted by their participation status when sending the message. Please uncheck this check box if you wish not to include participants’ list.

Time of the message to be sent is selected in “Send on” line. Selecting “Now” means message would be sent immediately after the next save of the event. Selecting “Before event” you can choose how long before start of event message would be sent. Different messages can be preset to be sent on different time for the same event.

You can select to send message to different participation status groups in the line “Send to participants”. All boxes checked means message would be sent to all participants. Just unselect unnecessary boxes and leave selected desired categories and message would be sent only to selected groups of participants, for example leaving checked only “Yes” would send message only to participants who confirmed participation.

Admins can edit subject and text of the message. If you don’t wish some of event information in message, just delete it. Also you can write your own text below event information in the message.

2.4 Save event to activate all messages settings and to send all “Now” messages.


3.   Messages to participants

If event admin sets up message to be sent to participants via OrganizeOK, participants receive email letter with event admin name in “From” line.

Message text contain all event information, additional text submitted by event admin, event link, “Yes, Maybe, No” links and participants’ list.

Every user can check the latest event information online by clicking event link in email. This link is general for all and could be shared if you wish someone else to see the event information.

“Yes, Maybe, No” links are for participation status confirmation directly from email. These links are just for the specific participant. Please don't share these links because others would be identified and connected to the system as the initially designated participant.

You don’t need to have account or sign in to access event information by event link or to confirm participation status from email.


4.   Calendar of events (for signed in users only)

Signed in users are able to see all events they are invited in the Calendar tab.

Calendar tab shows one month view with event times and titles in corresponding dates squares. Current day square is highlighted in blue.

Events, user is participating in, are highlighted in blue.

Orange markers  show events with changes (edited event information, changed participants status, new comments) after this user’s last view of this event information.

Just click on the title of the event to view this event information.


5.   Event search (for signed in users only)

Signed in users are able to search their events in “Search” tab.

User can select date interval to search events.

Events are searched by keyword or its part in title, description, date and time, place.


6.   View event

Anybody having event link can view event information online.

Not signed in users would see event title, description, files, start and end times, place and map. You can see comments also. Participants are listed in separate lists by their participation status. Participating users in “Yes” list are sorted by their confirmation time– earlier confirmed participants are listed first.

 “Unanswered”, “Maybe” and “No” lists are below. All participants are numbered so everybody can see situation at one glance.

You can find function to send email all participants below all lists.

User has to identify himself to access other functionality.

By clicking participation status “Yes, Maybe, No” links in message via OrganizeOK, user is identified without sign in and additionally can comment event, change his/her status online or remove himself from this event participants list by clicking “X” next to participating status buttons.

Signed in users additionally can access event by clicking its title in calendar and find it using search function. Signed in users also can copy event or edit it if they have event admin rights. Users, having event admin rights also can delete event by clicking “Remove” button at the bottom of the page.


7.   Edit event (for signed in users only)

Users having event admin rights (see Create new event for details about granting admin rights) would find “Edit” button at the bottom of event viewing page. This would activate edit event tab. Admin can edit any detail of this event or repeating events series with the same functionality as creating new event.


8.   Copy event (for signed in users only)

Any user can copy existing event but he/she needs to sign in to do it. You can find “Copy” button at the bottom of event viewing page for this function. This would activate copy event tab meaning that new event would be created using details of event copied. User making event copy can edit any details of this new event copy with the same functionality as creating new event. Also user making a copy becomes admin of this new event.


9.   Profile (for signed in users only)

Signed in users can find “Profile” button on top right side of the page.

Users can edit their name to be displayed in the system here. Phone number and Skype address can be added here also.

To change email address user would be asked to check inbox and to click confirmation link sent to the new email address by the system.

To change a password, just insert a new password and repeat it into corresponding boxes.

User also can delete account if wished by clicking corresponding link at the bottom of the page.


10.             Contacts (for signed in users only)

Signed in users can find “Contacts” button on top right side of the page.

User can add contacts manually and can edit contacts here. Contacts also can be imported from existing Google or Yahoo! accounts. Select contacts and click “Import” button on every page for this.

How to add participants from contacts please check “Create new event” section.


You are welcome to contact our team if you have any issues regarding OrganizeOK.

Please have a pleasure using OrganizeOK.


About OrganizeOK

OrganizeOK is free online web tool featuring scheduled RSVP email invitations and headcount for repeating events in closed groups.


Why to use OrganizeOK

OrganizeOK saves your time helping to avoid you lots of calls or emails to invite everybody and to find out who would come. It's convenient to use for repeating events. System can send preset email invitations with RSVP function, online participants’ registration and count for every repeating event.

Invited participants always can see how many participants are invited, who confirmed participation in confirmation time order, who haven’t confirmed, who refused. Participants also can write comments for event.

OrganizeOK is good for organizing your football, basketball, hockey, tennis, any other team sports, card or table games or other games, going out, inviting guests, holidays, trips, parties, meetings, organizations and any other group activities.

Organizing any kind of mentioned above event?

Don’t call, don’t email!

Be advanced – use free online organizer!


OrganizeOK is convenient and easy to use in three steps

  1. Create event - write title, description, pick place (can show it on Google maps), pick start and end time. You can choose repeating events.
  2. Invite friends – write down or select from contacts friends you would like to invite. Event admins having right to edit event information, invite other participants or to make confirmations for other participants can be selected here. If you wish to include all event information into messages to participants, press button "Load event information" before selecting when and to whom to send invitation, reminder or thanks. Check-box "Add participants list" means including the latest participant list into message when the message is sent. Up to three different invitations, messages or reminders can be prepared. Save event to activate all messages settings and to send all current invitations and messages.
  3. Confirm participation – invited participants can easily confirm their participation In the event simply by clicking Yes or No in invitation email. They can also access event description by unique event link sent by email or open event from their OrganizeOK account ant to confirm participation there.

Users have to Sign up for account before creating events. It's possible to do with your email or using existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts.

Users having accounts can sign in also using their email or existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts.

Once received invitation by email, invited participants can confirm or reject their participation by just clicking Yes, Maybe or No link in the email. Please don't share these links. They are just for the specific participant. Every participant can check event information clicking event link without sign up or sign in. After confirmation, rejection or signed in users can write comments concerning this event.

Signed in users additionally can see their events in Calendar. Events, user is participating in, are selected in blue. Orange marker shows events with changes (edited event information, changed participants confirmations, new comments) after the last visit. Signed in users also can search their events and manage their contacts. Contacts also can be imported from existing Google or Yahoo! accounts.

OrganizeOK features:

  • Simple and convenient one window interface
  • Sign up and sign in using Facebook, Google or Yahoo! accounts
  • Online events calendar
  • Repeating events
  • Email invitations, messages, reminders with RSVP function sent to participants any preset time before event
  • Participation confirmation directly from e-mail or by signing into the website
  • Participants can confirm participation without registration
  • Events changes notification
  • Contacts import from Google, Yahoo!
  • Event copy
  • Events search
  • Event comment

Please have a pleasure using OrganizeOK.

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